The guests will be welcomed at typical “Chorotega” house that shows the legacy of pre-Columbian Costa Rican “Chorotega” native people, here different activities from years past in Costa Rica traditions will be presented to the guests.
Starting point where the history of our facilities and Costa Rica will be explained. With the explanation of the indigenes Costa Rican peoples drawings and motives and their meaning for the cultures of the region.
There will be a stop in the place where coffee cherries are received and the process coffee goes through. Everyone of the step of the process will be clearly explained.
Drying process will be explained by the showing of places or structures in which those occur.
In this step the tourist will see the final process before coffee beans are packaged and, consequently put into the market. Also, tourist will be able of feeling the coffee aroma, texture and even a future flavor through tasting.
Tourist will observe the water treatment lagoons and will also learn about how water is recycled.
It illustrates how we take advantage of coffee beans garbage in the organic fertilizers production by the use of worms. In that way tourist will appreciate the effort for the environment conservation and maximization of the resources.
Guests will enjoy some snacks accompanied by our Diriá Coffee in order to make them know the excellent quality of our coffee.
Guests will have a shopping time; they could find different products made by our local craftspeople, which shows our cultural richness.
  • Hojancha, Guanacaste.

  • (+506) 2659-9130